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tv   News  ABC  June 15, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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morning. it was that bright out. everybody's jaw dropped as i hear cribbingets. let's -- crickets. let's look at this time-lapse. sun has been up for 50 minutes and we are looking at carroll county numbers. look at mount airy, 48, 53 at westminster east middle school. good morning to all the faculity and students and 55 currently in manchester he. we are-- manchester. another beautiful day but storms on the way. the outlook coming up. now tonya with traffic. >> reporter: we have some congestion between maltmore national -- baltimore national pike and frederick road. let's look at white marsh boulevard at pulaski, very light traffic on both roads. harford county, we are continuing to have an accident investigation that has the road shut down 152 at 40 in joppa. and route one at gorman traffic lights are not work correctly and police are directing traffic. 95 north past pulaski highway,
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a disabled vehicle. no bloody gloves or fingerprints or shoe prints in the murder of caylee anthony. her mother is on trial for killing her and her lawyers are about to try to convince the jury that she is not guilty. as tommy andres reports, there's speculation as to whether casey herself will take the stand. >> reporter: casey anthony's mother was one of the prosecution's final witnesses. testifying for a second time tuesday. she broke down and cried several times as she talked about the items found with her 2-year-old granddaughter caylee's body. >> i remember case lo's teddy bear was missing -- caylee's teddy bear, teddy, was missing. >> did caylee have a blanket with winnie the pooh on it? >> yes. >> reporter: as cindy left the stand, it appears she mouthed the words i love you to her daughter. casey didn't seem to react. the defense is expected to begin the case thursday.
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they said caylee was not killed but drowned in the family pool on june 16th, 200 # and casey and her -- 2008 and casey and her father panicked when they discovered the body. her father denies the allegation. there's speculation whether casey will take the stand to defend the story. >> if she is going with the defense show has to sell it. noid the -- can it's not selling well especially with the lies told in the past. >> reporter: her former defense attorney says she believes she is innocent. >> i believe she didn't commit the crime based on somethings i am obligated not to talk about. but also because there is no real proof there was even a murder at all. >> reporter: if convicted, anthony face the death penalty. >> earlier jurors were told testimony in the case would conclude by the end of next week which means deliberations would begin by june 25th.
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that's next saturday. it just started to get windy and you couldn't see anything. >> that's when things got scary. video shows you the power of the storm. a woman got out of her car at a gas station but decided to make a run for the convenience store and got swept up in the winds and was blown into another car at a different pump. the guys let her in and despite being whipped around she was completely fine. no marriage number 3 for hugh hefner. the 85-year-old's fiancee crystal harris, had a change of heart and she called it off. hugh heavener announced via twitter but says he doesn't know why she changed her mind. they were set to wed on saturday in the elaborate affair with a guest list of 300. his exfiancee is 25 years old. two workers in michigan at
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who willlands dutch village says love bird developed a pretty unusual crush on them. the two geese, they are in love with the two feint maintenance workers on the staff there. take a look. >> once he sees me he will squawk and if i am going by he will run after me and fly towards me. >> the gentleman walks and the goose walks and the gentleman runs and the goose runs. >> i think maybe it's because he thinks i am his girlfriend. >> well the workers say that the geese have been doing it for about two years now. so i guess they are used to all the attention. well, she says it's the reason arnold and maria called it quits and she was the reason. but coming up, the formerhousekeeper is speaking out about what to say about her relationship with arnold schwarzenegger. and city students are in for
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quite an exciting day in class. the genius they get to meet and work with when we come back. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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6:38. math, science and technology seems like a tough sell. but there is a secret weapon. watson. sherrie johnson is live this morning in federal hill to explain. >> reporter: at dim tal high school it's a morning about interactive learning for students. now ibm is celebrating the 100th anniversary and will make 100 middle school student part of the celebration and today very exciting day. students get to meet watson. the computer that wins on the tv game show jeopardy. they will see firsthand how
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technology like watson can help improve the world and learn about science and technology and engineering and math to develop a highly skilled work force. mayor stephanie rawlings blake, city school c-eo alonzo and ibm president will also be on hand for this event. and right now, i have james sullinger joining me live. thanks for being with us. and let's talk about watson. you know all the kid will be so excited to play this and see this computer. so how does this all work? >> you know, it's a wonderful technology. it's great that the ibm scientists can create a computer system to understand natural language and formulate answers to complex and at times ambiguous questions to be presented like on a game show "jeopardy." today students will understand the technology behind watson and explore how it be can be applied beyond a game show. here in baltimore, we are working with the university of maryland medical school. we are working with a professor
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in the radiology and nuclear medicine department as to how watson can help physicians and help in the diagnosis of diseases and the treatment of those diseases. >> reporter: wow. and so what do you want stewed don't take with them today by the time the event is over? what do you want them to leave here with? >> this's the potential of technology to improving their lives. but also in the society that they live in, and sent them to you know focus on science and technology and engineering and math, and get into computer technology and help us solve problems for the future. >> reporter: thanks for gong us. should be a very -- for joining us this morning. it should be a very exciting event. this event starts at 9:30 this morning right here at digital harbor high school. it will be a hundred middle schoolers desending on the school ready to see watson. reporting live, sherrie johnson, pa. bc2 news. thousands of people get on the train every day.
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and they want to make sure they are feeling safe. but up next, what caused a railway to shut down and the fbi called in? we have details. and firefighters are still struggling to get the fires burning in arizona under control. the latest attempt to combat the fire there. a rally to help keep city pools and r-ec centers open this summer. where and what this is all about when we come back.
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now "good morning maryland." all that damage in harford county was caused by a tornado. the national weather service made it official. during sunday's storm, a ef0 storm touched down and knocked down trees and four lines. luckily, though, there were no serious injuries to report that day. good morning. it's june 15th, this is your abc2 news to go. i am megan pringle. we will get to justin as we always do every morning. justin, you probably knew that when you saw the video. >> yeah. amazing stuff. two confirmed tornadoes brings
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the yearly total to maryland up to 21. we are on the verge of record territory. we have half a year to go a good day on the playground. sunshine and temperatures of 53 mckie at the top of the nor baltimore. and 40s -- we have had 40s. 49 in york, p.a. and we will come out of the 50s with sunshine there. will be a few more clouds into the afternoon. i think we will stay dry. the chance of getting wet with storms will go up tomorrow and friday. more on that and your weekend race weather outlook but right now here traffic. >> reporter: slowdown between baltimore national pike and frederick. top side at providence, doing okay. no problems to report. all your lanes are open mountain road at pulaski sut down for anaccident
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investigation. you will see northbound delays from whiskey bottom and 95 northbound past pulaski a disabled vehicle and baltimore street at hilton street has a accident. >> thanks. this morning two families are in shock after losing their teenage daughters. it happened because of a hit- and-run at pratt at mlk in baltimore city. linda so is here with reaction from both families this morning and latest on the investigation. linda. >> reporter: here's where things stand. shortly after the hit-and-run, police pulled over a car near bwi believed to be the one involved in the accident. police interviewed a man and women. no charges have been filed yet but it could change after consulting with the state's attorney's office. emphasized railed smith and her best -- emerald smith and her best friend courtney angeles were crossing mlk when they were run down.
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they died a short time later after being rushed to shocktrauma. they griewt up a -- they grew up a block away and now their families are trying to come to grips with the loss. here's emerald's mother and younger sister. >> she was my oldest. >> i feel like a only child. i really do feel like an old only child without my sift -- only child without my sister. records both -- >> reporter: both families are planning a vigil. police will work with the state's attorney's office before filing charges. linda so, abc2 news. well the pg county officer resigns following a run in with a family from parkville. chris watson says he had his wife and three children in the car after midnight on june 4th when a cruiser marked brentwood police pulled him over. thee says the officer shorted explicatives and put his hands on a his neck and gave hame
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patout. he says he smelled alcohol on the officer's breath. the police chief did confirm that lieutenant thomas sears was off duty making that stop and he's since resigned. sears is scheduled to be in court on august 10th. a 24-year-old woman rest recognized in surveillance video that showed an attack at a columbia bar a tipster called police and said it looks likes 24 years old jess chai white accused -- chess yeah -- jessica white accused of punching a person and stealing her purse. an edgewood man will spend 55 years in prison for his part in kidnapping and carjacking in harford county. in 2009. 22-year-old joshua prince freeman was sentenced yesterday. police say he was one of three men kid that kidnapped a woman and demanded ransom. she was thrown from the car and another man convicted in the case was sentenced to 30 years in prison. taking a look at news
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around the nation this morning, for the first time arnold schwarzkopf knack are's former -- arnold schwarzkopf former housekeeper is -- arnold schwarzenegger's former's housekeeper said she told her son about his father. the 13-year-old simply said, cool. baena says she was not initially certain schwarzenegger was the father but certain when she saw a resemblance in her son as he grew older cement says shriver grew suspicious and asked if joseph was schwarzenegger's son. someone tried to derail a train in iowa. a train -- train traffic was shut down while authorities investigated. officials are concerned america's rail are vulnerable to the problem. sunday's incident is looked at with a criminal activity in
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mind rather than terrorism. but the fbi is assisting local authorities with the investigation. ten minutes's way from 7. this morning's con-- minutes away from 7, in consumer news, lockheed martin will cut 1200 jobs in 12 states. 25% of the cuts are said to be from middle management. lockheed martin says the work force reductions are necessary because of tight federal government budgets. lockheed will offer voluntary layoffs to eligible salaried employees to minimummize the voluntary job cuts. candidates for baltimore city mayor will be gathering at coppin state university for a focus to discuss issues that's going to happen at 6 tonight. organizers say that the forum will focus on the budget, schools, youth programs and jobs and police and fire safety. mayor stephanie rawlings-plack is -- blake is facing challengers from a number of
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different candidates. and katherine pughes is one and joseph landers and former city planning director otis rolley. he is a circuit court judge frank coniaway announced they would want to be the mayor and only one republican filed for the position. you pay more for gas so it would be awful to pay more for tolls. and you've had your chance twice to speak out against the toll hikes. if you missed the meetings, there's another shot tonight. a third meeting will take place at 5:30 at kent island high school and love point road in stevensville. a number of eastern shore delegates says the hikes will severely affect the region andplan to hold a rally outside the school before the meeting starts. and remember there's a list of meetings. there are different meetings around the area in our state so go to a about. c2 and if you look in
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the spot -- and if find the locations of the public hearings. a rally to keep city pools and rec centers open will hal happen. carl stokes is hosting this in conjunction with invest in our future and don't cut kids rally. it will be held at an indoor aquatic pool a decision has been made to close the pool because of budget issue . >> the orioles continues the series against toronto. last night they were looking to end a losing streak against the jays and they made it interesting. jays took the 4-1 lead into the 7th but the birds battled back but it was not enough. jays won in the 11th. phenyl score 6-5. congressman anthony weaner's wife -- wean are's wife returns -- wean are's wife
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returns from -- weiner's wife returns from a overseas trip. three report he is waiting for his wife to return to discuss the possibility of stepping down. residents in arizona are being told they can go home. they had to be evacuated because of a wild fire creeping across the state. the sheriff's department says they are talking to a couple people of interest in connection with the campfire they believe started this mess in the first place. day 3 of jury deliberations in the trial of former governor rod blagojevich. he is accused of trying to sell or trade an appointment to the u.s. senate seat vacate ed by president obama. prosecutors say blagojevich was looking to get campaign money or a new job in return. senator mikulski will chair a meeting about the metro transit system in washington. maryland and virginia members of congress will meet to discuss the operational liability when it comes within a week of the deadliest
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accident with a train plowed into another. nine people died. 70 people were injured. google chrome book hits stores today and has apps meant to take place at the traditional computer software. instead of saving files to the computer they save everything to online stores. 6:54. 8th grade graduation today at east middle and westminster that birdie is julian kinsy. helping to contribute to over 14,000 dollars raised for the cool kids campaign that fin i. up with my run in the -- finishes up with the baltimore 10 miler. the race weather 54 this morning and most of us in the low 50s. a nice cool pleasant start. just nice. high pressure is in control and we have sunshine this morning, look at this cluster of storms
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near chicago. that's spreading clouds far enough from the rain shields to get the influence here by the end of the day. but we will watch that because that will be the leading edge of stormy weather and some warmer weather. but we have got a beautiful day today. maybe cloud creeping in late in the afternoon and evening and we watch the rain bands try to come in tomorrow morning and midday and there will be scattered showers and storms a risk that some could turn severe especially heading in through friday with warmer temperatures. look at this cluster off the coast on friday morning. but ocean city and beyond should turn out with a decent weekend. today, up to 80. a little warmer than yesterday. and mostly sunny skies but late clouds and sticking out especially after midnight tonight holding the temperatures back to about 60. tomorrow's temperatures pull back a little bit. mid-70s. showers and storms and 84. more showers and storms and we could have severe weather on friday. should get out friday night and while the weekend looks warm, 88 saturday and sunday afternoon. and it's race time at 7:30 for the baltimore 10 miler as we
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look at temperatures at race time between 65 and 70. that's not too bad for the runners. tonya. >> reporter: the stop and go traffic has begun on the beltway. top side and the northwest side. and even the west side. let's look at 695 at liberty. you can see the left of your road left side of the screen is the outer loop there. it will be slow all the way around to frederick road. the inner loop is moving through the construction. harford county dealing with an accident investigation. mountain road at pulaski highway is shut down. 95 northbound after pulaski there's a disabled vehicle in the road and an accident in baltimore city. baltimore street at hilton street. thanks so much for joining us on this wednesday morning. we hope you join us for "good morning maryland" at nine. would you want to pay for a gym you couldn't have access to. we explain it on the facebook fan page. so check it out. we will have updates throughout the morning. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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